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Welcome to Alice G May Art and Books Blog

This is the blog from The House That Sat Down.

I am finally diving in and getting to grips with blogging after spending far too many years hiding under a rock and hoping that the whole blogging 'thing' would go away. It clearly isn't and so here I am...

Please bear with me.

I've recently signed a publishing contract for my first full length adult fiction manuscript, The Midlife Trials of Annabeth Hope. It's coming out in October 2024. Yay! Can you tell that I am excited? The plan is to share the stages of my publishing journey here.

I also look forward to sharing news from The House that Sat Down as well as general hints and tips about writing, painting, public speaking and using creative activities as part of a self care toolkit.

A little bit about my pen names

I write memoir and commercial adult fiction as Alice May. I also write children's drawing books as Alice G May and occasionally books on public speaking, aspects of writing and building your author platform as A G May.

For more content by me, please join me on:

Youtube @alicegmayartandbooks

TikTok @alicegmayartandbooks

Twitter @AliceMay_Author

Instagram @alicegmay

Facebook: AliceMayAuthor

Thanks for joining me

I hope you find this site useful. Send me a message via the comments below if there is anything you would like me to cover. :-)

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